Farmers Market Vendor Guide

Steamboat Farmers’ Market

A Farmers and artisans Market

Vendor Guide

Main Street Steamboat Springs is pleased to be able to provide an outlet for local producers of quality ranch products, specialty food items and arts and crafts to sell their products. The Market serves as the centerpiece of activity for our community on Saturday Mornings for 15 weeks during the summer. The Market is centrally located and easily accessible by car, bus, and bike or on foot. Live music is featured from 11-1 adjacent to a covered seating area each Saturday making it a comfortable place for our 1500 to 3000 visitors to send the morning.

    1. If you are interested in participating in the Main Street Steamboat Farmers Market, you can apply online at
    2. The Steamboat Farmers Market is located at the corner of 7th and Yampa Streets, including the adjacent parking lot. Due to construction on Yampa Street this summer the market may need to move to Yampa and 12th.
    3. Vendors may sell directly to the public in accordance with city and state regulations. All vendors are required to have a City of Steamboat Springs sales tax license, a Colorado Sales Tax license and are responsible for paying sales tax on any items sold. If taxes are not paid, vendors will not be allowed in the market for the next year.  City of Steamboat Springs sales tax forms can be located at  Checks are made payable to the City of Steamboat Springs and sent directly to them at Box 775088, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477.  NOTE: If you make the sales tax application check out to Main Street Steamboat or the Steamboat Farmers Market, it may delay your acceptance to the market.
      Colorado Sales Tax License forms can be located at
    4. The Market will be held June 11th through September 17th weekly (15 weeks), from 9 AM – 2 PM. (The Market will be held rain or shine. Vendors must be set up to start on time. ) There may be extended hours for special events. Vendors that are already approved for those dates will be given the opportunity to opt in or out.
    5. A market manager will be on-site each market day to see that the rules of the Market are upheld and assist vendors and patrons as needed. Vendors who sign up to sell at every market will be assigned regular spaces.  Those vendors who sell less than every week will get the remaining spaces on a first come/first served basis. .
    6. Vendor parking: All vendors must park away from the market, preferably at the Ice Arena on Howelsen Parkway.  The market operates a shuttle between the parking lot and the market both before the market starts and after the market is over.  The shuttle (golf cart) is also available for mid-market runs to the parking lot if necessary.  Please save on-street parking for customers of the market and the other businesses located close by.
    7. Weekly booth fees will be $50 per week for food vendors ($750 if paid weekly) and $60 per week for non-food vendors ($900, if paid weekly) for a single 10X10 space. PRODUCE ONLY and non-profit organizations pay $25 per week. Vendors needing two or more spaces will still be charged the regular rate for each additional space. Vendors who sign up for the entire summer and pay all fees in advance of the start of the market will receive a 15% discount. (FULL SEASON food vendors, paid in advance = $637.50. FULL SEASON non-food vendors, paid in advance = $765.)
    8. Each vendor will pay a non-refundable $35 APPLICATION fee to cover online market management fees. All vendors, including those on the waitlist, will pay the fee, whether they register online or not, because those who do not register online will still need to be entered into the market management program.
    9. Each vendor is required to pay a $100 security deposit to ensure participation as promised. Any vendor who does not call and does not show will forfeit the deposit and may lose vending privileges in the future.  Your application will be on hold until the security deposit is received as a SEPARATE CHECK. This check will be held and returned if the vendor complies with all attendance dates that they have signed up for or has been excused from the market no later than Wednesday of the week of a vending date. Notification can be provided by Phone or Email.
    10. All food vendors must be approved by the Routt County Department of Environmental Health and follow guidelines set forth by the Colorado Department of Public Health. All food vendors must pay a one-time-per-year food booth inspection fee of $10 to the Steamboat Farmers Market to cover the services of the Department of Environmental Health to inspect each food vending booth for safe food service. Vendors who require an excessive amount of inspection to meet regulations may be assessed an additional fee.
    11. Payments may be made by check, cash or credit card. Send cash and checks payable to Steamboat Farmers Market to Box 774611, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477. If paying by credit card, call 970-367-7060 to share information. Please send SEPARATE CHECKS (preferred method of payment) for the application.Checks required at time of application are:
        • $35 Registration fee
        • $100 Security Deposit
        • $10 Food handling fee if selling food products

In order to receive your discount, full season fees are due before the market starts, no later than the first day of the farmers’ market.

    1. Food vendors have priority over non-food vendors in this market. Non-food vendors’ applications will be held until February 1, to allow food vendors to register, so we know how many food vendors plan to be in the market.  On February 1, remaining spaces will be filled with non-food and non-profit vendors.  Notification of acceptance to the market will be made by email (or mail for those without email).
    2. There are no exclusive rights to products for sale in the market, however the market manager has the right to limit the number of vendors in any category (jewelry, non-profits, fair trade vendors, soaps and lotions, and others) to create the best mix of products for the success of both the market and the vendors.
    3. All Colorado and Rocky Mountain regionally produced food products (fresh, packaged, dried, frozen, etc) will be allowed.
    4. All non-food related items (arts and crafts) must be handcrafted. There will be no buy/sell items (those items bought for resale at the market). The exception to this rule is those vendors representing businesses in Steamboat Springs that are paid members of Main Street Steamboat Springs. All exceptions will be at the discretion of the market manager.
    5. Vendors are encouraged to man their own booths, but may have his/her booth manned by a representative.
    6. The Market manager reserves the right to deny space to any vendor that, in the manager’s opinion, does not fit the Steamboat Farmers Market criteria. The Market reserves the right to limit the number of vendors selling similar products.  Only products approved in advance by the Market may be sold.
    7. Each vendor must have an appropriate tent or canopy for his/her 10×10 space, which must be securely anchored to avoid problems with the wind. Weights of at least 30 lbs per leg are required. No stakes can be used.  Unweighted tents are dangerous and can cause harm to others if the wind catches and tosses the tents.  If commercial tent weights are not used, 5-gallon water bottles tied to the tent frame are suggested as a means of weighting tents.
    8. Participants should bring enough product to last until the end of the market day. Should a vendor run out of product before the end of the Market day, the vendor must stay to the end of the market to avoid vehicular conflict with pedestrians. Please plan accordingly.
    9. The Market is a zero-waste market. Zero-Waste disposing stations are located within the market and manned by the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council.  All food vendors must use compostable or recyclable products for serving food or beverages to be consumed at the market.  No styrofoam is allowed at the market.  Any products you bring that are not recyclable you must remove from the market yourself and dispose of yourself.  If you have a trash bag set up at your booth, you will need to take it with you and dispose of it yourself.  Any questions, ask the market manager.  Vendors must read and sign the zero-waste compliance contract to participate in the market.  The contract is in a separate document on the website.
    10. The Market is a smoke-free environment.
    11. No firearms, weapons, alcoholic beverages or drugs will be allowed in the Market. Anyone disturbing the peace will be asked to leave.
    12. No hawking, loud or abusive language, or radios will be allowed in the market area.
    13. The Market Manager has control over the Market area and activities taking place within it. The manager is to maintain order and cleanliness, start and end the market, collect fees and distribute market information.
    14. All vendors, by choosing to participate in the Market, agree to the rules above. Failure to comply with these rules will prevent the vendor from further participation in any Market activities in the future.
    15. Questions regarding these rules or a request for other information on the Steamboat Farmers Market should be directed to Lisa Popovich, Executive Director, Main Street Steamboat Springs at 970-367-7060 or