About Us

MainStreet Steamboat Springs was founded in 2004 to preserve, promote and enhance Downtown Steamboat Springs.

Following the Main Street 4-Point Approach to downtown revitalization created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, MainStreet established the four main committees required as part of the model: Promotion, Design, Economic Vitality, and Organization.

MainStreet Steamboat Springs was named a Colorado Main Street Community in 2006, following a rigorous application and evaluation process with the state coordinating program, Colorado Community Revitalization Association, Inc.  In each of the years since its acceptance to the program, MainStreet Steamboat Springs has qualified for national recognition as an Accredited Main Street community.

Why do we need a Mainstreet program?

Downtown is no longer the only provider of goods and services in our community. With the advent of the Steamboat Ski Area, Steamboat Springs began to grow beyond its traditional agricultural and mining roots to include tourism.  As the ski base and surrounding areas expanded, shoppers had more choices.  Many of the traditional shops and services, which had only been available in the central commercial district of the past, spread out and often left the downtown area entirely.  Gone are the days when the drug store, the post office, the grocery store and the hardware store were all within walking distance of each other.

The center of the community and social life was the downtown. Our history as a community was formed downtown.  This is where FM Light set up his store in 1905.  This is where the railroad came to town to drop off visitors for our hot springs and to hunt our wild game.  Carl Howelsen, the father of skiing in Steamboat Springs, was a stonemason who built many of our historic stone buildings in the downtown area.

Because of the changes that have taken place as Steamboat Springs has grown, Downtown Steamboat Springs needs a champion to preserve its historic assets, to promote the businesses and events that take place downtown, and to advocate for enhancement of downtown in the face of other developments threatening to draw business away from the center of the community.  MainStreet Steamboat Springs is that champion.

Downtown is the icon of Steamboat Springs.  The picture of Downtown Steamboat Springs with the ski area in the background is famous all over the world.