Help Re-Imagine Yampa Street

We all do it right? We all say, “why don’t they do ….XX??”

This is your opportunity to share your great ideas, and actually have someone listen! Over the course of the summer months (June – September) Main Street Steamboat has created a community engagement process to talk about Yampa Street. This is your chance to tell us how YOU think it would be best to use Yampa Street. We want all your feedback. 

What festivals would you like to see or no festivals at all? How do we improve parking? Is there a place you would like to see a new bench or do we need a trash receptacle somewhere we haven’t thought of.  Should there be another pedestrian bridge to Howelsen? What is your favorite part of Yampa Street?

Look for our whiteboards on Yampa so that you can comment. Take a mini survey or fill out our survey online. We really want to hear from you! 

If you would like to know more about the process check out the Online Brochure.

Author: Lisa Popovich