Community Organizations

We are fortunate to be able to enjoy the many amenities our city has to offer every day, but we are also stewards of the community in which we live. Volunteer opportunities abound to assist our non-profits either financially or with your valuable time. Steamboat is very generous with both.

The community of Steamboat Springs is a passionate group of individuals dedicated to giving back through membership and volunteerism in more than 242 different registered non-profit organizations. This number does not include the unregistered community organizations which may not have tax-exempt status but are still active.

Organizations cover the gamete, from sports to the arts to the environment to animals to health and humanitarian causes. There are also many charitable foundations in the list. Service clubs, including 2 Rotary Clubs, 2 Lions clubs, Kiwanis, and Optimists exist, along with religious and fraternal organizations   If you have a passion for something, there is probably an organization for it that would appreciate your participation.  And, if there isn’t an organization for your interests, you can start one. There are probably others who would be interested. Being part of a special interest group or organization is a great way to meet people and become involved in the community.

Activities of these various organizations are often listed in the Happenings section of the Steamboat Today free daily newspaper, in ads in the paper, on posters for events around town, or announced on the local radio stations. Most have websites for more information on their particular organization.