Core Trail Use

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While not an actual water-based activity, the core trail runs right along side the Yampa River. Even though you’re not in the water, there are still a few practices of common courtesy one should observe so everyone can enjoy the river, both in and out of the water.

  • Being  a popular place for dog walking, it’s important to carry plastic bags to clean up after your pet, and dispose of these waste bags properly in trash cans.
  • Dog walkers need to keep their pet on a leash in in most areas. There will be off-lease areas with signs posting their boundary.
  • Dog walkers also need to keep their dogs from disturbing wild life. Moose and elk are occasionally spotted on the core trail, when a moose sees a dog they register it as a predator and will react defensively, especially if the moose has young offspring with it.
  • Cyclists should ride on their side of the trail. The core trail is set up just like a paved road for automobiles. One side goes one way, the other side goes in the opposite direction. Arrows painted on the cement dictate which direction to follow.
  • If you’re a cyclist and you need to pass a slower cyclist of someone on foot, be sure to ring your bell or say something to get their attention. Unlike cars, bikes are virtually silent and typically don’t have mirrors, attempting to pass someone without getting their attention can result in an accident that could have easily been avoided.
  • Cyclists, skateboarders and long boarders are always recommended to wear a helmet and/or other protective gear.
  • Be respectful of others on the core trail.