Dining & Nightlife

In Steamboat Springs, Dining and Nightlife are often synonymous.  We are fortunate to have over 46 dining establishments in the Main Street District many offering music and entertainment during happy hour and late into the night. Those of us who live here do not think of ourselves as “Foodies” but the rest of the world certainly would. We, as a community, are focused on nutrition as well as sustainability and sourcing locally grown and raised food. Just look around. Many of our restaurants offer farm to table fare or meats from local ranches that are listed right on the menu. These things are important to us. After all, agriculture is part of our heritage.

But living in Steamboat Springs has changed our perspective on many things especially food. Oh yes, we are a community of athletes that think of food as fuel and care about what we put in our bodies but we also care about our surroundings when we choose to eat out and we often do. I use to joke that it is impossible to get a hot dog in Steamboat Springs. It is possible, however, to get a Swiss Dog or a Brat or an Elk Sausage. Children in Steamboat Springs have very sophisticated palettes, but it seems the rest of the world has caught up. Long before cooking shows dominated the TV screen, there was fine dining in every corner of Steamboat Springs. It’s always fun to watch a 5 year old order a Lamb Burger or share Goose Liver Pate with someone who just got off the river. This is what we mean when we say we are concerned with our surroundings. It is important to be able to enjoy the finer points in life regardless of what you are wearing, and even more important to enjoy the company of whoever you are with. In Steamboat Springs, we have a saying “you never know who is sitting next to you” and it is our practice to talk to everyone.

So if there isn’t a table available, sit at the bar. You never know who you might run into.