Dining & Nightlife

In Steamboat Springs, Dining and Nightlife are often synonymous.  For a town this size, we are fortunate to have over 46 dining establishments in the Main Street District many offering music and entertainment during happy hour and late into the night. Our list of happy hours to choose from is so extensive, it doesn’t matter if you have a preference to upscale fine dining, or are a party animal looking to have some late night fun, it’s guaranteed there’s a happy hour waiting for you in town.

Click here for more information on downtown happy hours

If the unbeatable prices of downtown’s happy hours didn’t sound good enough, the late night music scene certainly will. Establishments with a reputation for reoccurring musical events include; Schmiggity’s – a great choice for a dancer, The Press – a notable bar for live performances, Sake2U – a relaxing venue for music by the Yampa River, Sunpies – our local Cajun bar, and Old Town Pub – famous for local musicians and artists.

Live music isn’t the only exciting part of Steamboat Night Life, many of the downtown bars host events and activities open to the public. Notable event venues include Dude & Dan’s Bar and Grill hosts events such as trivia night, movie night, and is also known for hosting sports party’s with their massive HD TVs showing football games and MMA tournaments. The BARley is another place to go for non-musical events, although it certainly isn’t opposed to hosting them. Harvey’s Huddle is a sports podcast done live at the BARley every Wednesday. The BARley also hosts Booths at The BARley; commencing the first Wednesday of every month, Booths at The BARley is basically a farmers market for local artists, selling their handmade crafts and art right at the bar.

If you’re interested in experiencing some Steamboat Night Life, click here to visit our events page, you’ll find something you won’t want to miss. 


Before you go out for an unforgettable night on the town, memorize this phrase: “you never know who is sitting next to you.” You’d do well to heed this advice; some old guy sitting next to you at the bar might be a gold metal Olympian, he might me a movie star, a millionaire, a celebrity, or maybe he’s just some old guy who came in for a beer like you did. In Steamboat, you never know, the only way to find out is to talk to them, and it is our practice to talk to everyone.

So if there isn’t a table available, sit at the bar. You never know who you might run into.