Main Street Membership Information

Who are we?

Main Street Steamboat Springs is an organization comprised primarily of businesses within the designated Main Street district, 3rd St to 13th St and Yampa Street to Oak Street.

What do we do?

MainStreet Steamboat Springs was founded in 2004 in response to concerns by downtown business owners that redevelopment of the Steamboat Ski Area base area and development of business districts outside of the downtown area would impact business in the historic central business district.  Following the revitalization model established in 1980 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  This proven  model is used by more than 2000 communities across the nation.  Soon the Downtown Business Association, which had existed for many years, was incorporated into the expanded Main Street program, becoming the basis for the Promotion Committee.

The 4-Point Revitalization Model, as established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is made up of four primary committees.  These are:

  • Promotion – special events, retail events, branding and image building, PR
  • Design – infrastructure and streetscape, beautification (inc. clean and safe), new development review, parking management, historic preservation advocacy
  • Organization – fundraising, membership, communication
  • Economic Restructuring (Development) – Strengthening existing businesses, recruiting and retaining businesses, economy building, sales tax analysis, market analysis, business and building inventories
  • Board of Directors is responsible for :  Fiscal oversight, strategic planning, visioning, committee oversight, and advocacy for the downtown district.

Why do we do it?

Downtown Steamboat Springs is the heart and soul of our community.  We are the only mountain community with both a western ranching heritage and nearly 100 years of skiing and winter recreation history.  Our values encompass true western hospitality, a healthy community lifestyle and a willingness to share what we hold so dear.  MainStreet Steamboat Springs is dedicated to being the unified voice that works for our members to advocate for our downtown, our citizens, and our businesses.  Our goal is to create a vibrant, attractive and prosperous place for people to visit, work and live.


The mission of MainStreet Steamboat Springs is to preserve, promote and enhance downtown Steamboat Springs.  This is accomplished using the 4-Point Approach of Promotion, Design, Organization and Economic Restructuring as prescribed by the National Main Street Center of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


To ensure that downtown Steamboat Springs, the heart and soul of our community, thrives for generations to come.


Historic downtown is the heart and soul of Steamboat Springs.  It is locally valued, prosperous and diverse- a “gathering place” that is people oriented and convenient for residents and visitors alike. It embraces our western and winter sports heritage and complements our recreational, cultural and natural assets.


What would success look like?

  • We have a “Mayberry” atmosphere with a progressive mindset
  • Children are safe and are able to “roam” free
  • Our historic character and western charm are blended with adaptive reuse and contemporary trends
  • Our downtown pulses wit the heartbeat of our diverse shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences, and yet is a pleasant and safe place to stroll
  • The beauty of our valley and our community pride are reflected in the quality of the city we are building
  • Our streets, parks, and open spaces are the public rooms in which we share our lives, greet our visitors and entertain our guests
  • We are known by residents and visitors alike for our friendliness, our courteous nature, and our laid back patience
  • There is an ease about coming downtown – whether by car, bike or bus, with good signage, parking and public facilities
  • These is always something to do
  • We are populated by successful businesses with a waiting list of appropriate (managed-mix) tenents
  • We apply the best technology to serve our businesses and property owners, residents and visitors
  • Businesses are fully and adequately staffed with very little turnover
  • We have a managed mix of goods and services to maximize affordability, variety and quality to keep dollars in our downtown (in town).
  • We are known as a place where people of all ages and walks of life can thrive and contribute to our community
  • We are a model of collaboration – where the greater good of the community is the common bond

Become a Member

To become a member of Main Street Steamboat Springs, head over to the contact page and send us your info. Our Director will be sure to reach out to you to complete your application for membership.