Brooklyn Neighborhood

Brooklyn is another mixed-use neighborhood right outside of Downtown Steamboat Springs with a very colorful past. Many years ago before Steamboat Springs was a city, deeds issued by The Steamboat Springs Town Company prohibited the making and sale of spirituous liquor making Steamboat Spring a “Dry Town”.   Because this did not sit too well with cowboys from local ranches, a small community developed on the south bank of the Yampa to accommodate those who wished to imbibe.  The area was dubbed Brooklyn by residents of Steamboat Springs who considered it the “red light district.”  As many as forty persons lived there during its heyday between 1902 and 1914.  Brooklyn consisted of one unnamed street, running from the river south to the hillside, lined with saloons.  The first saloon opened in 1898 and was quickly joined by four more.  Among the best known were Shorty Anderson’s, Fred Cheetel’s and The Capitol where no women were allowed. That simply would not fly today.

Today Brooklyn is an up and coming neighborhood with opportunities for first time home owners that don’t exist in other areas of Steamboat Springs. Young Families love its proximity to The Rodeo Grounds and the Ice rink not to mention quick access to both downtown and the Mountain.