Fairview Neighborhood

Steamboat Springs is home to many charming neighborhoods. Fairview is located across the river from Steamboat Springs on the west side of Howelsen Hill.  Fairview consists of two additions: the Miller-Frazier Addition from the river to just across County Road 33, and the Fairview Addition on the hill platted in 1902. This area of town was developed by one of Steamboat Springs’ first lawyers, J. K. Bozard and his associates.  Watson’s Mercantile served the area, selling everything from food and cattle feed to coal.  The Farmer’s Elevator, built by local farmers to ship grain to outside markets in 1912 and remained in operation until 1979.

Today Fairview is a still a mixed use area of Steamboat Springs, but its proximity to Downtown has made it extremely desirable. The many families that live in this area have easy access to Downtown and to the many bike and hiking trails on Emerald Mountain. To improve connectivity, The City of Steamboat Springs is planning to build a sidewalk from the Fairview Neighborhood down 13th Street past the Library to Downtown in the summer of 2017.

Fairview is said to have gotten its name because from the hill “there is not a great view but affair view”.  It’s fair to say, everything is relative.