Vendor FAQs

Vendor FAQs2023-01-25T17:22:55+00:00
When does registration open?2022-01-11T20:02:10+00:00

Registration opens January 15 each year.

What are the Market Dates?2023-01-30T21:52:30+00:00

The Market is on Saturdays and starts June 10 and ends September 23.

What time is the Market?2022-01-26T19:56:29+00:00

Official times are 9am to 2 pm.

What is the cost of participating in the Market?2022-01-26T19:56:29+00:00

Cost is determined by the category of goods you are selling.

  • Nonprofits and Produce $30
  • Cottage Food $50
  • Packaged Food $55
  • Street Food $60
  • Art, Apparel, Crafts $65
  • Wellness $75
  • Jewelry $75
  • Booths for advertising ie Real Estate $100
Are there other costs associated with the Market?2022-01-26T19:56:29+00:00

There is a $35 registration fee required. This must be paid at the time of your application in order for it to move forward in the queue and for us to review.

You must have a Steamboat Springs Sales Tax License in order to sell anything at the market. Some items will also require a state sales tax license. Food vendors MUST have approval from the County Environmental Health Department. All require permission, most also require licensing. All these licenses require a fee that is collected by the issuing entity. No vendors can participate in the

Market without the proper license.

Insurance is also required.

How do I apply for a city sales tax license?2023-01-30T21:49:28+00:00

All vendors of the Market selling to the public must have a city of Steamboat Springs Sales Tax License and only vendors in good standing can participate in the Market. A City of Steamboat Springs sales tax form and instructions can be accessed here.

Deni is our Tax Specialist at the city.

Deni’s contact information:

PO Box 772869
Steamboat Springs Co 80477

How do I contact Routt County Environmental Health for Food related Licensing?2022-01-26T19:56:29+00:00

Food vendors:

Food vendors must be registered and licensed with the Routt County Health Department and/or the State of Colorado. For more information and to set up licensing please contact Heather Savalox of the Routt County Environmental Health department.

Apply online at Routt County’s Application Form >

Fee required.

This MUST be completed and submitted to Routt County Environmental Health NO LATER than 45 days prior to participation.


How do I pay my Booth Fee?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

We strongly suggest that you pay for the season in advance. There are no refunds, but it will save you time each week. If you choose to pay each week, you MUST visit the booth at the 8TH Street Entrance by 10am and pay there. You will receive an email receipt for each week. Please don’t make us chase you. This adds to the cost of the market and we really want to keep fees as low as possible.

How big is my space?2023-01-25T20:13:42+00:00

Each space is 10’x10’. If you need more space than that, you must reserve and pay for 2 spaces. If you need more space, you will need to work with Market Management to secure additional spaces.

If I am a returning vendor, do I need to reapply?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

Yes, if your email was correct in last year’s application, you can choose “renew” on the site. You will receive an email asking you to choose market dates. You can also update photos and any important information at that time.

What do I do if I need to cancel or change a date?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

If you know you are not going to be able to attend on a certain date, do not book it. You are responsible for payment of all dates that you book. We know that things come up during the season and you may not be able to attend all markets. We ask for 1 week notice if you need to cancel. If you are sick or cannot find someone to cover your booth, please email us and we will work with you.

Is there a NO SHOW fee?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

Yes, if you book a date and do not show for that day, you will be billed $50. Our market is very popular and there are generally people on a waiting list. We want to give everyone an opportunity to participate. We understand that things come up that are outside your control. We feel that a $50 charge is a fair way to manage this.

What time can I arrive to set up?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

We Close the road by 6am on Saturdays. You can start setting up at that time. If you have a large set up or a vehicle that is hard to maneuver, we are generally on site at 5:30am. Early vendors are encouraged to communicate with Market Management in case of conflicting events and towing.

Can I leave my vehicle inside the market?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

The short answer is NO. We make a couple of exceptions for those needing refrigeration, however, those vendors are required to pay for that space.

Where can I park?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

Parking is available at the Ice Rink, Howelsen Hill Recreation area and the Rodeo Grounds. You will need to remove your vehicle before 4 pm if you are parked at the Rodeo Grounds. There is also 8 hour parking across Lincoln behind the Courthouse. If you park on the street or closer to the Market, you will be ticketed.

If the Road is closed, how do I get into the Market area?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

Ambassadors in Yellow are posted at each entrance. You will be issued a market pass to display on your windshield for entry. We have many volunteers and this helps them to identify who is a vendor. Ambassadors will give you direction as to how to proceed. They may ask you to wait a minute until the road clears. Vendors are asked to enter on the correct side of the road to access their space to keep the road clear for others.

How do I know where my space is?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

The Thursday before the Market each week, we confirm space placement by 5pm. Vendors will receive an email with details about the weekend ie events that are taking place or additional directions. A link to our website will be provided with a mao and booth assignment. Booth assignments are not guaranteed and may change from week to week. If for some reason you do not receive an email, placement will be live on our website by 5pm. Click on the Map for details.

Are dogs allowed at the market?2022-01-26T19:56:28+00:00

We strongly discourage pets at the market. They are not prohibited, but the pavement gets extremely hot after 11 am. We ask the public to leave their dogs home, but do not have a policy against them.

What do I do if I have an emergency during the market?2022-01-26T19:56:27+00:00

If you have a customer in distress or you yourself are having issues, ask an AMbassador for help or ask your neighbor to get an ambassador. We have an EMT at the market and will notify the proper agencies if we need additional help.

Is this a Zero Waste Event?2023-02-08T20:21:20+00:00

Yes! We are working towards the goal of being a zero waste event. This means that we strongly discourage any single use containers and prohibit the selling of water or beverages in plastic bottles. In our community, Aluminum is 10xs as likely to be recycled than plastic. It is for this reason that we prohibit the sale of beverages in plastic bottles.

Food items to be consumed at the market should be served in compostable containers. For more information please check out the FAQ for Green vendor Certification or contact

In order to keep expenses down and to keep fees low, we ask that you take all your waste with you. Do not leave broken down cardboard or trash behind. We do not have a way to dispose of it and failure to follow this rule will result in a fine.


Who are the people in the Yellow Shirts?2022-01-26T19:56:27+00:00

The Farmers Market is run by volunteers. Most are Downtown ambassadors and wear YELLOW polo shirts with name tags. In the morning they may be wearing their uniform jacket which is gray with their name on it. Other Volunteers wear yellow shirts. If an Ambassador gives you instructions, you should follow them. They have radios and are in constant contact with each other and Market Management. If they ask you to wait, you should wait.

They are also there for you if you need help. If you need a quick break or you need some tape or a pen or some help setting up your tent, they are there to help. They are volunteers, so while they are happy to help, they are there for everyone.

If I have more questions, who do I contact?
You can reach out to Lisa (Poppy) Popovich with questions
Or Lisa Larkin ( Billing )

Vendor Bag Fee2023-02-08T16:30:02+00:00

There is a new State Law requiring vendors at Farmers Markets to charge a fee to customers for each bag given out. In Steamboat Springs our local bag fee is 20 cents. You as a vendor are responsible for collecting, tracking and remitting this fee to the city. If you choose not to give out bags, you do not need to collect the fee, or if your bag meets the state definition of reusable you do not have to collect the fee. If you choose to give out bags and not collect the fee, you are still responsible to remit 20 cents to the city for each bag given out. If you would like a copy of the State Statute or the City Ordinance, please contact

State Definition of a Reusable Bag2023-02-08T20:13:24+00:00

“A Reusable Carryout Bag” means a carryout bag that is designed and manufactured for at least 125 uses, can carry at least 22 pounds over a distance of 175 feet, has stitched handles, and is made of cloth, fiber, or other fabric or a recycled material such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

“A Reusable Carryout Bag” does not include bags made of biologically based polymers such as corn or other plant sources: except that a carryout bag made of Hemp IS a reusable carryout bag IF it is designed and manufactured in accordance with the description above.

Green Vendor Program2023-02-08T20:22:43+00:00

Our goal is to make the waste stream entirely compostable materials if we can. We want to amp up the waste diversion and minimize confusion for customers and vendors alike. There are already a few vendors who have started using compostable materials, and our goal is to get most if not all the food vendors to switch to compostable materials as well. What’s in it for you? Yampa Valley Sustainability Council (YVSC) is launching a Vendor Certification Program in 2023 to recognize businesses that comply with zero waste protocol (all compostable or recyclable disposable materials). This means BPI Certified compostables or plastics #1&2 or metals ONLY. YVSC is here to help if you have questions about what products to buy. We are finalizing the certification process but please reach out if you are interested in getting certified and having that environmentally friendly advertising for your business. Contact Dakota at (970) 871-9299 ext. 114 or