Yampa River

The main vein of the downtown corridor, the Yampa river is the lifeblood of the area. The Yampa is the only free-flowing river of the state, meaning that it is unobstructed by any dams or diversions for the entire 261 miles of its length. The pristine river environment offers a beautiful space for our locals and visitors to spend the warmer days of summer. Anglers and recreationists enjoy the cool clean water that brings the fish and move the tubers downstream. Historically known as healing waters, the Yampa was praised by the native Utes and the homesteaders that came to settle and ranch in our valley.

There are many different spots in town to take in the views of the beautiful water, including numerous restaurant rooftops and picnic areas alongside the rushing water. Throughout downtown, you can find fly fishing lessons and tube rentals to help you gain a more intimate connection with the river. For our bicyclist enthusiasts, enjoy a leisurely ride alongside the water and allow the breeze coming off the water to naturally cool you. To ensure this space remains in its pristine condition, we ask that you practice your Leave No Trace ethics and pack out what you pack in. Please don’t litter or alter the banks of the river to allow others the enjoyment of the Yampa.

There are areas designated for accessing and taking off of the river to avoid erosion of the river’s banks. We recommend putting in at Walton Pond, Fetcher Park, James Brown Bridge, and Rotary or Lions parks and to take out in front of the library or at the Stock Bridge Transit Center.  Please be respectful of the residential areas at Fish Creek Trailer Park and Dream Island and lower your noise level. Do not trespass onto private land that lines some areas along the river. For your safety, we ask that you do not consume alcohol on the river and that you use water shoes to avoid slipping or cutting your feet on the river rocks.  For more information visit the Friends of the Yampa website.