Restaurants play a major role in our local community’s economy and are responsible for a large amount of the City’s waste and potential pollutants. Poorly managed grease and waste can lead to many problematic issues for restaurants and the City, like clogged pipes, economic losses, environmental degradation, loss of visual appeal and fines.


The City of Steamboat Springs is partnering with Yampa Valley Sustainability Council on a campaign to educate restaurant employees about stormwater and wastewater best management practices. As a restaurant manager, you and your staff can follow these easy steps (link to 1 page flier) to prevent pollution of the Yampa River and other streams and keep our City stormwater and wastewater systems (and your plumbing!) running smoothly. Download this document (link to longer document) with details on how you can keep our river clean and avoid fines.

Have questions or want the documents in Spanish? Email Cameron Hawkins,

Stormwater Poster